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Gluten Free Berry & Pear Loaf

Yummy! Moist! Easy!I had a bunch of pears that I'd originally bought for our guinea pigs, but they weren't eating them fast enough!This is simple & doesn't take long to throw together. Pre heat the oven to 180 degrees.Dice up 4-6 pears & 8-10 strawberries & microwave for two minutes.In a separate bowl mix 1.5 cups… Continue reading Gluten Free Berry & Pear Loaf

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Bean & Vegetable Soup

Easy, quick & healthy!I love a good soup. Any kind sits well with me & my belly.It's easy to throw a bunch of vegies together to make any type of soup.I always have a base in the freezer which I use when making risotto or soups.It adds extra vegies & all that good stuff to meals… Continue reading Bean & Vegetable Soup

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Lemon Slice

 This turned out better than I expected and is super low in fat & calories. Next time I will aim for a more biscuity base rather than using the Weet Bix. The cereal gave the slice more of a soft texture than a crunchy base.You will need:100 grams of stevia/equal/Natvia- whatever is your preference 20 grams almond meal6… Continue reading Lemon Slice

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New Year, New You

I've made a few bits and pieces the last few days but haven't had much time to blog.Here's a selection of foods I've whipped up in a hurry.This parfait was fun to make with my son & gave me the much needed protein after a mini workout. I've been trying to walk daily for about… Continue reading New Year, New You