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Gluten Free Berry & Pear Loaf

Yummy! Moist! Easy!
I had a bunch of pears that I’d originally bought for our guinea pigs, but they weren’t eating them fast enough!
This is simple & doesn’t take long to throw together. 
Pre heat the oven to 180 degrees.
Dice up 4-6 pears & 8-10 strawberries & microwave for two minutes.
In a separate bowl mix 1.5 cups of gluten free self raising flour, a quarter if a cup stevia (or sweetener of your choice), 1 egg & two tablespoons of fat free Greek yoghurt.
Add the warmed fruit to the mix and combine.
Place in a loaf tin & drizzle some strawberry jam over the top. 
Bake for 40 minutes.
Cool & slice & serve with butter or jam.

This is great as a treat and makes about 10 large slices at 150 calories each or 75 calories per small slice.


Bean & Vegetable Soup

Easy, quick & healthy!

I love a good soup. 
Any kind sits well with me & my belly.
It’s easy to throw a bunch of vegies together to make any type of soup.
I always have a base in the freezer which I use when making risotto or soups.
It adds extra vegies & all that good stuff to meals without the added sodium you’d find in stock mixes.
For a basic base-
Boil 4 cups of water with 3 cups of chopped veggies.
I like to use carrot & broccoli.
Add a little salt or soy sauce.
Once cooked, cool the base & then blend. This is almost a soup on it’s own but very watery.
This is great to use when making risotto too, but I like to use onion, celery & tomato when specifically using it with rice.
To my carrot & broccoli base I added a can of four bean mix, chopped broccoli, diced white sweet potato, zucchini, carrot, celery, capsicum & spinach.
You can add herbs & spices or even a bit of pasta. I sometimes add half a cup of couscous which thickens the liquid and makes it a little more ‘hearty’.
The Wee Man enjoyed this for dinner too with toast soldiers. Soups are so versatile & I plan on making a lot more coming up to the winter season.

Lemon Slice

This turned out better than I expected and is super low in fat & calories. 
Next time I will aim for a more biscuity base rather than using the Weet Bix. 
The cereal gave the slice more of a soft texture than a crunchy base.
You will need:
100 grams of stevia/equal/Natvia- whatever is your preference 
20 grams almond meal
6 Weet Bix biscuits
1 container of yoghurt- I used Chobani Greek yoghurt
1/2 a cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice
100ml of hot water to dissolve 2 tablespoons of gelatine
3 tablespoons butter, melted – I used Nuttlex

Begin by crushing up the Weet Bix and then mixing in the Almond Meal. Add the melted butter and once thoroughly combined, place in a small tray. Push the mix down with a fork to create a base.
You could always use crumbled biscuit such as Marie or Nicè for a crunchy base- this will add calories though.

Refrigerate for two hours so the base is firm. 
To make the lemon filling blend the yoghurt with the lemon juice. I used an electric mixer to get a lot of air into it & create a more fluffy texture. Add the sweetener & continue to beat for a good few minutes.
Dissolve the gelatine in the hot water and once all dissolved add to the yoghurt mix.
Remove the base from the fridge and pour on the lemon mixture.
Refrigerate for another 2 hours & then remove from pan and cut in slices or squares. 
There are many options with this recipe, it could be made gluten free, easily made vegan or flavours added or removed.
But for 39 calories a piece- I was able to cut 20 pieces from this recipe- it has enough flavour and taste to be a satisfying sweet treat.


New Year, New You

I’ve made a few bits and pieces the last few days but haven’t had much time to blog.

Here’s a selection of foods I’ve whipped up in a hurry.
This parfait was fun to make with my son & gave me the much needed protein after a mini workout. I’ve been trying to walk daily for about 45 minutes and run small sections of my route.
I used zero fat Chobani Greek yoghurt with blueberries, raspberries, linseed, sunflower & almond mix (lsa) and bee pollen. 
All these were just layered in a small glass.
A favourite with my son is Chow Mein.
I made a low fat version of this using Slim Rice ( I had no noodles left in the cupboard!) & it came out filling & yummy!
Again this was a throw together meal.
Wee Man enjoyed cutting up the cabbage & we grated the carrot. I used a lean beef mince for this dish too.
My Low Fat Chow Mein came in at about 150 calories a serve. 
I used a McCain recipe base, grated carrot, sliced cabbage, diced onion & lean beef. Once all the meat is cooked & the veggies soft I threw in the warmed slim rice. YUM!
This is my absolute favourite.
I wanted a quick but tasty warm breakfast. This would be suitable as a snack too. Modify it to your taste.
You will need: 
3 egg whites & 1 whole egg & a handful of grated cheese.

Whisk the eggs & microwave for one and a half minutes. Sprinkle in the cheese, saving a little for serving, microwave for a further minute and then serve. Sprinkle on the cheese and ENJOY! 

This sets you back about 150 calories.
3% carbs, 60% protein & 37% fat.

Love me a pizza!! 

This pizza was completely vegan.
I used a vegan pita bread, Cheezly motzerella cheese, spinach, chargrilled vegetables ( zucchini, eggplant, capsicum, olives) & some Tofutti cream cheese instead of a tomato paste base.

The pizza cooked in about 10 minutes on about 180 degrees.

A lovely light meal at about 300 calories. 


Knowing ‘who, what & where’ is a plus with any kind of produce or product. It can make a huge difference to what and who you’re actually supporting. And as they say, is it another car for a big CEO or is it next year’s school uniform for a local school boy.
It’s great to help out a new, smaller business too, shop small, rather than from the bigger corporations.
Today I was at local fruit shop- 
The Coolstore, which supports local growers and has also been around longer than most of the houses in the area. 
I met with some members of the Friends for Health: Knox- Blythe and Sarah. I also had a photo opportunity with Nick Wakeling- state member for Ferntree Gully, Mayor Darren Pearce and Parliamentary Secretary for Health, Georgie Crozier. I was awarded a certificate for winning the first week of Knox’s Vegspiration competition through the Friends For Health Knox Facebook Page.

24 Days of Salad: Tasting Plate

This has to be my favourite type of salad.

A bit of everything without the pile of greens! 
Usually a plate of lettuce with a few chopped up vegetables isn’t exactly enticing but a small variety of vegies and sauces displayed right, look much more appealing.
Try mushrooms, mini capsicums, pretzels (yes pretzels), nuts, mayonnaise and cheeses can make all the difference. It almost turns into a platter, hence tasting plate.

I used egg free mayonnaise, salsa and some left over salad dressing (see my radish and apple post) from a previous day as my sauces. I find it fun to dip the vegetables rather than have a ‘dressing’.
I had a few bits and pieces left in the fridge- half an avocado, some olives and mushrooms so I added some sliced capsicum, feta, artichoke hearts & mung bean sprouts.
It’s a light dish, and was my dinner after finishing work at 9pm.
The calories are fairly low too, but types of mayonnaise and depending on dressings or dips used can make all the difference.
I prefer to eat vegan or vegetarian when I can and I find the alternatives, like vegan mayonnaise and cheeses feel better during digestion and give my stomach a lighter feeling. I find there’s less bloat too.
There are so many ‘better’ options these days and so many things can be made from scratch too.

24 Days of Salads: Egg & Avocado

This. Was. The. Bomb.

I love avocado. As written in previous posts, it’s health benefits are amazing. Almost like its the most perfect food.
I’m yet to try it with maple syrup as recommended by a friend. 
Avo’s are versitile too- add to smoothies, cakes, sweet or savoury dishes & even to your skin & hair. They’re good for helping to lower cholesterol & high in the ‘good fats’ and omega 3 & potassium.
Tonight I made my version of curried egg- well with just the egg part- 
Egg & Avocado Salad

Start with a dollop of low fat mayonnaise, teaspoon of garlic & some pepper.

To this add a squirt of lemon juice & mix together.
Add two nearly hard boiled eggs & half an avocado.

Combine until all the egg is broken up & then top on a bed of your favourite salad greens. I went with a spinach & lettuce mix. I had some left over mung bean sprouts that I threw on top.
This was a creamy, semi warm (from the egg) salad & I devoured it pretty quick!