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Aroma Angel Soy Candles

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I’ve always loved the romance of having a candle lit, watching its light dance and flicker. There’s something incredibly magical about candlelight, it reminds me of dark stormy nights, fantasy books, magic and also comfort and warmth.

I have cupboards littered with candles, different shapes, sizes, colours and scents. I’ve never owned a soy candle before, nor have I ever owned a candle that’s scent lasts days after it’s been burned, without it being re-lit.

I discovered Aroma Angel a few months ago and to be honest they will always be my candle of choice.  Made here in Melbourne, the variety of scents are vast, and delicious. My favourites are the Soy Travel Tin in Lavender & Vanilla and the Coconut & Lime Diffuser.  I can walk into a room, days after burning my candle and still enjoy the soft smell of vanilla.

Great too is knowing that there are no chemicals in the soy wax, so breathing in deeply, enjoying the scents and knowing they are eco friendly and completely biodegradable is comforting.

Because I want YOU to try these candles out and actually experience these beautiful creations, I’ve teamed up with Aroma Angel to giveaway a set of four Soy Candle Travel Tins.

  • Lavender & Vanilla – my favourite
  • Marshmallow
  • Coconut Lime
  • Fresh Coffee
These are all gorgeous scents, hand-poured and locally made soy candles.
For Giveaway details click here and follow the instructions to win* a beautiful, sensory filled gift pack from Aroma Angels and Simply Natalie Laura.
*Australian residents only


Coconut Revolution

Have you ever thought about how easy it is to incorporate Coconut Oil into your daily routines?

Coconut Oils can be used for the inside and out side health and wellbeing.
I just love the Coconut Revolution range! There are some gorgeous rich, glossy oils that are ideal for cooking and also a range of skin care oil products.
A perfect go-to oil is the Coconut Revolution Thai Jasmine hand cream. Toss this little wonder into your handbag or car glove box and you’re hydrated wherever you are! The Jasmine scent is breezy and I find myself breathing in deeply every time I apply it!

I’m really interested in the benefits of the oil on my skin- I tend to have oily skin but I find it has it’s ups and downs and can also become quite dry.

I made a couple of nourishing face scrubs and masks using Coconut Revolution Oil for Beauty.
This oil is designed to cleanse, moisturise and is perfect for make up removal.
I used a couple of table spoons mixed with organic ground coffee beans as a face scrub.

This was perfect as an end of the day rejuvenation and the Coconut Oil will moisturise and remove dirt, whilst the coffee will help tighten the skin and improve blood circulation. Plus it smells incredible if you’re a coffee fan!!
I created a leave on face mask too. I just added another couple of table spoons of Coconut Revolution Beauty Oil with a teaspoon of organic Manuka honey and a teaspoon of oat meal.

Removing the oil from the face is easy enough with a warm water soaked face washer. Your pores will feel open and clean! Not to mention the sweet breakfast scents from the honey and oats.
The range by Coconut Revolution is huge. Beauty, health, hair, organic, dietary, skin…
Honestly you can find what it is you’re looking for and what suits your needs.
The benefits of these oils are they are organic, cold pressed, natural. It’s a direction most people are aware of and Coconut Revolution makes the pathway easy, simple and vibrant.
Head over to Coconut Revolution and see what I am talking about.
Their range will inspire you to get healthy, make small changes and realise that looking after yourself is easy and simple. 
Click here to find your local retailer.

Wild Cattle Creek Winery

We celebrated my Grandma’s 80th Birthday at Wild Cattle Creek Winery on the weekend.

The area is beautiful and surrounded by many vineyards, trees and gorgeous open spaces. The autumn leaves were stunning and the sun blessed us with it’s rays during the afternoon.

We all enjoyed sharing platters for entree and I chose the salmon as my main meal.
The variety on the patter was wide, with olives, feta, cold meats, herb crusted cheeses, prawns, bread sticks & marinated vegetables.
I filled my plate with prawns, cheese, olives and some of the cold meats.
Each platter came with a side of warm herb bread with garlic butter.

I was glad to see the green beans with my salmon as I am crazy for them at the moment.
We all posed for some family photos before dessert. 

Haha this is a fun one with my cousin and Aunt!

Wild Cattle Creek is located in Wandin in Melbourne. It is a quaint, pretty place with the most amazing staff members- they call you Madame or use Sir & are very polite and genuine. 

The gardens give that mystical feel and are so pristine and neat. Wild Cattle Creek also makes the perfect wedding venue, the photos would be amazing.

Cupcake Central

Need I say more.

This cute little store in Melbourne Central is decorated in tones of aqua and white and could almost be found on a little corner of some cute country town.  The staff are just adorable with their friendly welcome and suggestions of cake….cake…


Need I say more..?

If you need a gluten free or vegan cupcake, Cupcake Central caters for you. 

I chose the vegan Cinnamon Apple cupcake; full of real apple chunks, moist and moreish. I also wanted the  Peanut Butter Jelly, the Choc Malt Milkshake, the Coffee Crème Brulee …and well you get my drift.

There’s a schedule for the Cupcakes that are available on certain days and they are varied flavours such as those mentioned above and selections such as Pear Crumble, Carrot, Red Velvet, Lamington and Choc Mint.

Why not purchase their Cupcake Cookbook while you’re there and learn their secrets, it’s full of baking tips and tricks too.

If you fancy yourself a bit of fun and want to enrol in one of their workshops, that’s available too- there’s everything from actual baking cupcakes to decorating.   Workshops for children are also available and they even hold a Hen’s Night Cupcake class. 

Not only do they create Cupcakes but Cupcake Central helps organisations like the RSPCA raise money and help fight animal cruelty, they’ve raised over $8,500 for the RSPCA!

Cupcake Central also use my personal favourite ingredient- Natvia in their Choc Mint vegan Cupcake- gluten free, dairy free AND sugar free!

You can visit Cupcake Central at Melbourne Central or visit their website for further details and locations-

Instagram & Facebook search: Cupcake Central

Pressed Juices, Melbourne

There’s something about being in the City that makes me feel uptight, rushed and under the pump.  It puts me the mindset that I needed to get to my destination and that I needed to arrive there quickly. 

Amongst all the busy city traffic and the workers marching around like soldiers, a place like Pressed Juices exists. 

We are constantly surrounded by the usual busy, on the go meals and drinks, grab and go breakfasts and premade everything, finding something so simple, unrefined and un-processed, is like finding that little bit of nature in the midst of our concrete jungle.

Cold Pressed Juices rather than standard blended or juiced, helps to retain all the nutrition of the fruits and vegetables, the foods are literally pressed to extract the juices. 

All the Pressed Juice combinations should be consumed within 24 hours of opening due to the lack of preservatives. Just like a piece of fruit or vegetable, the drinks have a limited used by, making these juices the closest to eating the real thing, without having to consume a whole two kilos of kale. 

The Pressed Juices deliver highly concerntrated nutritional benefits in a delicious, quick and energising drink.
The customer service at Pressed Juices was sensational. A lovely team member, Kristy, explained all the combinations to me, made suggestions and took the time to give me a pleasent experience at Pressed Juices.  There are samples available & Kristy even let me keep my purchases in the fridge until I’d finished my City run around!
There were plenty of different combinations- 
green juices, smoothies, mylks, antioxidants and zests- just to name a few. 
I chose four Pressed Juices-
Spiced Almond Mylk
Filtered water                                                       
Vanilla bean
Sea salt

Smooth Energy
Coconut water

Smooth Vitality
Coconut water

Smooth Nourish
Filtered water
Almond meal
Vanilla bean
Sea salt
Definitely head to one of the Pressed Juices stores. Everything about these cute bottles is delicious and you can literally taste all the goodness in every sip. Thanks for a wonderful experience!  
Like them on Facebook- Pressed Juices
Instagram- pressedjuices

Maxi Foods

I adore shopping at Maxi Foods.

The variety and vastness of the supermarket makes it actually a SUPERmarket. There’s everything from fruits and vegetables to lollies (dairy free, gluten free, vegan) to jams, relishes (most Australian made) pastas, fresh cakes and breads plus your standard supermarket lines- pet food, stationary and so on.
The fruit and vegetable section is abundant with beautiful produce with a good selection of organic foods.
If you have specific dietary requirements this is the place for you; isles of gluten free and dairy free are common. Vegans are catered for in the fridge and freezer sections along with pantry staples.
Tofu to products can be found in the freezers although I was disappointed not to find any So Delicious freezer products during this visit.
If it’s breads, gluten filled or not there’s a massive range at Maxi. Although of you’re a tight arse like me, sifting through their clearance bread means loaves to chuck in the freezer for around $1.50.
My favourite is the dairy case. 
Coyo, Wot No?, Rachel’s, Five Am; the list is endless. There’s a good few rows of juices and natural iced teas too.

Maxi Foods is worth the visit and you’ll soon find your trolley full!!
You can visit the Maxi Foods website at