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Aroma Angel Soy Candles

I've always loved the romance of having a candle lit, watching its light dance and flicker. There's something incredibly magical about candlelight, it reminds me of dark stormy nights, fantasy books, magic and also comfort and warmth. I have cupboards littered with candles, different shapes, sizes, colours and scents. I've never owned a soy candle… Continue reading Aroma Angel Soy Candles

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Coconut Revolution

Have you ever thought about how easy it is to incorporate Coconut Oil into your daily routines?Coconut Oils can be used for the inside and out side health and wellbeing. I just love the Coconut Revolution range! There are some gorgeous rich, glossy oils that are ideal for cooking and also a range of skin care… Continue reading Coconut Revolution

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Wild Cattle Creek Winery

We celebrated my Grandma's 80th Birthday at Wild Cattle Creek Winery on the weekend.The area is beautiful and surrounded by many vineyards, trees and gorgeous open spaces. The autumn leaves were stunning and the sun blessed us with it's rays during the afternoon.We all enjoyed sharing platters for entree and I chose the salmon as… Continue reading Wild Cattle Creek Winery

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Cupcake Central

Cake.Need I say more.This cute little store in Melbourne Central is decorated in tones of aqua and white and could almost be found on a little corner of some cute country town.  The staff are just adorable with their friendly welcome and suggestions of cake....cake...Again.Cake.Need I say more..?If you need a gluten free or vegan cupcake, Cupcake… Continue reading Cupcake Central