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Crunchy Polenta Fingers- Chris’ Dips

I love snacking, and I'm always trying to come up with quick and easy foods to create. Especially vegan and vegetarian dishes that are portable and easy to eat on the run.Polenta is such a versatile food which can be made sweet or savoury.  It can be used to make 'fries' or sweetened to make… Continue reading Crunchy Polenta Fingers- Chris’ Dips

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Ritchie’s Supa IGA- Rowville

If you live in the area of Knox, or you're not too far away head over to Wellington Village. This little supermarket is taking a huge, positive step into healthy living and better food alternatives.If you're leading a Gluten Free lifestyle, Vegan, Raw or just conscious of what you're eating definitely make the drive to… Continue reading Ritchie’s Supa IGA- Rowville

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Chocolate Chip Cookies

These little devils are super sweet and very moist.  Perfect for those with a sweet tooth that are watching their calories but aren't too concerned about a naughty treat every now and then.You Will Need-1 1/2 cups wholemeal flour1 cup Natvia for Baking1/4 cup Natvia Drinking Chocolate1/2 cup dairy free chocolate chips4 eggs/*egg replacer120g softened Nuttlex1… Continue reading Chocolate Chip Cookies