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Foraging and the Living Green Vegan Market

So last weekend was a literal foodie-weekend. I was pumped. Excited. Maybe even a little impatient but I was counting down until I could visit foodie-truck heaven Saturday, in The Forage; and then Vegan heaven Sunday at the Living Green Vegan Market.
Both did not disappoint.
The Forage is basically a bunch of local food trucks and cafes, set up in a big circle with some entertainment and then piles of hay bales and rustic tables dotted around to eat your purchases at comfortably. The sun was out and bright and hot on the Saturday and Wee Man and I were able to find parking and walk up to the truckies.
I knew ahead of time that the Forage was catering for those with food intolerances and choices such a gluten free and vegan. So of course it suited me well. I devoured a gluten free crepe with apple, banana and cinnamon, ohhhh it was good!

Wee Man on the other hand went complete opposite and enjoyed a fried chicken waffle cone from Fricken which he loved and was happy to pose with for photos. We also had a Blue Magic pressed juice from Naked Pressed Juice Co, which was literally perfection, I want more of it.
The sun was a stinker and it was a perfect Saturday to be out and about.
The Forage was held outside at the Little National Hotel and was the perfect size for the amount of food trucks and visitors. So luckily the weather was good as any rain would most definitely put a dampener on the event. The really lovely thing about the event was the opening and closing time, an early afternoon beginning of 2pm and a nice early close, in time to get the kids to bed at 7pm. Definitely add to your 2019 list of foodie visits.


On Sunday morning we were up early and ready to be at the Living Green Vegan Market for its 10am open. I was worried about parking but luckily was still in luck from the day before and found one easily just outside of Albert Hall where the market was taking place.
There were a multitude of stalls and businesses set up. Some opposing animal cruelty, some in support of orangutans, books stalls, make up and cosmetics and then of course all the foods. Sweet food, savoury, hot, cold, home bakes, cakes, slices and dumplings.
I let Wee Man be treated to S’mores vegan dumplings for breakfast and I had the most delicious raw nori wrap from Organic Energy, which came with an almond dipping sauce.
We purchased some delicious raw slices from Rainbow Nourishments along with some bliss balls. Veganarchy was also at the event and I purchased a couple of gluten free cupcakes.
This was a lovely event, although I did find I was comparing it to World Vegan Day in Melbourne which is a huge larger event so part of me was disappointed with the size and variety but realistically I should just be happy there are vegan events like this to attend.

Again I would be sure to add this to your 2019 foodie list.



Everyone is shopping online, for everything! Clothes, shoes, baby goods & foods.

I work in retail & I really should be doing the whole ‘supporting the economy’ but when prices are high for everything we are all trying to save a few bucks.
I adore shopping online for products that cannot be purchased in Australia or if they can be purchased here they are ridiculously priced, even taking into account shipping, the middle man & staff wages.
For health products I shop with iHerb or VitaCost. The latter does tend to take way too long to send to Australia which is why I always recommend iHerb.
Today I received my biggest haul of protein & food bars. These are perfect for before or after workouts but also as a quick meal or snack for busy periods.
See my post on Quest Bars, as today I’m enjoying the moorish Luna Bar.

As mentioned I work in retails, this is our busiest time of the year & does mean there’s sometimes no time for lunch breaks or it’s so under the pump that my calorie burn is high.

Today I’m enjoying a Luna Bar Asa quick snack as it’s a busy day an I need some extra energy. We don’t have a fridge at work so it can be hard to sometimes bring fresh foods and I don’t always want to spend money on food court meals that tend to be highly processed and high in salts and fats.
Luna Bars contain 70% organic ingredients and are high in calcium, folic acid, antioxidants A, C & E and 9 grams of fibre. They’re great as a treat and not to have daily as they do contain 13 grams of sugar. But calorie-wise they sit at about 180 which is almost on bar with a standard museli bar.

Calcium is important for bone growth and strength and also plays a part in regulating blood pressure. Vitamin D aids the aids the calcium absorption. Folic acid helps in cell development & Irons helps the transfer or oxygen to the muscles. 

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