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500 Calorie Workout

This is an easy workout to get your heart going, the sweat dripping and burns 500 calories.Starting with a 20 minute brisk walk in the treadmill. Set on number 6.This is a great way to warm up the body, get your chest pumping and slowly ease into your workout. This burns about 150 calories.Moving into… Continue reading 500 Calorie Workout

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28 Day Break Thru- FINALE

I've really enjoyed my journey along Fernwood Fitness' 28 Day Break Thru.As mentioned in my previous blog post, this programme is designed with a healthy eating & workout plan.The plan I followed was Vegetarian Pear Shaped. All my meals & workouts were set out for me & each week a video was available for me… Continue reading 28 Day Break Thru- FINALE

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Fernwood Fitness

Last month I was lucky enough to WIN a three month membership to Fernwood Fitness thanks to Natvia Natural Sweetener & Fernwood Fitness.A gorgeous pack of Natvia goodies & a gift certificate from Fernwood arrived in the mail & so I headed to my local gym to redeem. I've never attended a Fernwood before, and have… Continue reading Fernwood Fitness