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Crunchy Polenta Fingers- Chris’ Dips

I love snacking, and I'm always trying to come up with quick and easy foods to create. Especially vegan and vegetarian dishes that are portable and easy to eat on the run.Polenta is such a versatile food which can be made sweet or savoury.  It can be used to make 'fries' or sweetened to make… Continue reading Crunchy Polenta Fingers- Chris’ Dips

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Lemon Slice

 This turned out better than I expected and is super low in fat & calories. Next time I will aim for a more biscuity base rather than using the Weet Bix. The cereal gave the slice more of a soft texture than a crunchy base.You will need:100 grams of stevia/equal/Natvia- whatever is your preference 20 grams almond meal6… Continue reading Lemon Slice

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New Year, New You

I've made a few bits and pieces the last few days but haven't had much time to blog.Here's a selection of foods I've whipped up in a hurry.This parfait was fun to make with my son & gave me the much needed protein after a mini workout. I've been trying to walk daily for about… Continue reading New Year, New You

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Eggnog Pancakes

So easy to make & only three ingredients.These are rough measurements so have a play with quantities. In a bowl I mixed, half a cup of eggnog, half a cup if self raising flour & one egg. Once a smooth texture I fried piklet-sized cakes on a non-stick pan for about a minute on each side. I topped the… Continue reading Eggnog Pancakes