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The Lilydale General

Okay, so you’ve read about The Lilydale General before, but I’m writing about it again!

I’ve you haven’t visited this little gem, then put the address, 110 Beresford Road, Lilydale, in your GPS and head down.
Today the General was packed. 
I was warmly offered a space over at the bar, settling in with an almond milk chai latte.

I perused the menu, deciding on Toasted Sourdough Bruschetta, with goats feta, avocado, tomato, Egyptian Dukkah, topped with a poached egg.
The meal arrived quickly, and the staff member was friendly and chatty, despite being a busy time.
My latte was creamy and not too sweet and the food was perfect as usual.

My brunch was yummy & I loved the addition of the dukkah. I’ve never had it as part of a breakfast dish before, mainly just used it to create a crust on tofu. It definitely added flavour and texture to my breaky.
I really love how the Lilydale General sources local, natural products; with plenty of options for those with intolerances or food choices such as veganism. But on the other hand I also like that there’s still traditional breakfasts available, with plenty of sides including baked beans & bacon. 

I was pretty strong willed at the cake cabinet this time- the Chocolate & Peanut Butter cake had my name on it, but if anything- grab a piece  of the Vanilla ‘Slice’ ( & by slice I mean slab, it’s no where near traditional ‘slice’ size), it is perfection. 

Winter Warmer

I enjoyed a visit to The Coffee Club on the weekend with my Aunt. We decided to give their new ‘Winter Warmers’ a go. 

A baked bean breakfast hotpot & a slow cooked beef hotpot. 
Not badly priced and very flavoursome.
Both were about 540 calories, so a decent meal and great in the winter weather. But on the downside, for the size of the meals they were pretty high calorie.
Slow Cooked Beef Hot Pot

Egg & Bean Hot Pot

I enjoy my weekly visits to the coffee club, mainly for coffee but sometimes for a light breakfast or salad.
I like that the Coffee Club menu contains the list of kjs attached to each item so it’s great if you are calorie counting or want a lighter, healthier option.
Visit the Coffee Club website and view their menu at

A Caterpillar’s Dream

It’s a freezing, typical winter’s day in Melbourne. I decided a warm lunch was in order and googled a Vegan suitable cafe. I came up A Caterpillar’s Dream in Kew.  I invited my friend Jess along and after  a good 30 minute drive in the pouring rain, we met at this cute little venue.

The place was a little busy when we arrived but we were able to locate a table in a little nook near the window.  The menu is very diverse and has vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options.  There are eggs available on the menu for those wanting the signature Big Breakfast.

The menu consists of a very good range of breakfasts-  veggie ham croissant, pancakes, porridge and avocado on toast.  There’s sandwiches and wraps, all with the option of vegans meats. There’s a couple of mains, a veggie chicken steak and grilled veggie fish.  I definitely want to try as much as I can from this place, there’s even vegan pies!

I started with a soy latte and Jess enjoyed a flat white.

I couldn’t decide between ordering a Vegan wrap or a Vegan fish burger, I went with the latter. Jess selected the Vegan chicken burger. One of these burgers, with a side of chips, is more than enough for just one person.  Both our eyes widened when our food was placed in front of us!  It was going to take us a while to indulge in our selections.

The Vegan fish was in three small portions in the bun with an array of vegetables; beetroot, tomato, lettuce and vegan mayonnaise.  Jess’ was a crumbed vegan chicken fillet that was crispy and delicious.  We both attempted to finish our Turkish Bread burgers but left about a quarter each on the plate, with most of our fries. 

The coffee was the best I’ve had in a while so we ordered another one each.

The cafe started to fill up by the time we were ready to leave and it will definitely be worth a second visit!  Especially to enjoy another coffee and one of their vegan desserts.

The dessert range is huge. There’s everything from cupcakes to sticky date pudding to ice cream to cookies. All vegan!!  Take away is available, so of course, I did just that: two cookies and cream and two banana mini cupcakes. 

A Caterpillar’s Dream is well priced and the servings are extremely decent! I’m not a huge fan of mock meats but after enjoying my ‘fish’ I’d definitely give them a second chance.  The wait staff were lovely and very friendly. A relaxed setting with children welcomed.  Atmosphere was great and not too loud even though the seats were quite full. 

Looking forward to my next visit!

You can visit A Caterpillar’s Dream at Shop 4, 26 Princess Street, Kew or their website