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Happy Hair Brush-ing

There is nothing like untamed, wild, frizzy, tangled hard to brush hair.

You know what I’m talking about, we have all been there, whether it be ourselves, friends or our kids, even beards and pets!


So to go from unruly hard-to-tame hair to shiny, manageable and brushable hair would be great, right? Well hold on to them curls and toss out your current hairbrush coz now you can brush 2 day to 2 week unwashed hair with ease, thanks to Happy Hair Brush.

The unique design of the hairbrush is a combination of nylon pins and boar bristles on a massive, vented paddle allowing tangles to be loosened, untangled and smoothed. It’s easy to knot (hehehe) only brush tangled unwashed or dry hair but also matted and frizzy hair. The brush works on all kinds of hair, and makes those dreaded hair brushing times no longer existent as there is no more need to be concerned or worry about painful hair-brushing.


The other awesome thing to note about this product is that two Aussie Mum’s designed and created this product! Yay! Click here to see some of their videos using the hairbrush.

Happy Hairbrush even offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee so if you’re not entirely happy within the first 14 days they’ll not only refund you the purchase price but the postage for you to end it back! Now that is a bloody good returns policy!

I have always had thick, wavy hair and the majority of the time I’m honestly too lazy to brush it, mainly as it takes effort, it’s time consuming, painful and downright annoying. The Happy Hair Brush has just enabled my laziness even more as I don’t have to worry about the process of brushing my hair weekly now because I don’t have to suffer the battles with knots and tangles as the brush just glides right through with ease. Thank you Happy Hair Brush for encouraging this laziness with a product that actually works.

As it’s close to Christmas, Happy Hair Brush have given me a discount code for your very own happy Hairbrush purchase for yourself or for use as stocking fillers for the festive season. The team at Happy Hair Brush have also kindly give me a discount code so you can grab your own brush for some happy hair-brushing, just type in SIMPLY-NL for a discount on your purchase.

Happy Brushing!




I was so excited when I found out I was getting my hands on some Oribe hair care products. I have been wanting to try them for so long but unfortunately time had just got in the way and it had actually slipped my mind. I was so excited when I received my package of goodies and can I say, Oribe definitely deserves its Award Winning title for hair care.

If you’re not familiar with Oribe, here is a quick rundown.

Oribe began in 2008 and basically blends the performance, craftsmanship and decades of styles together to create a high quality haircare in a league of it’s own.
The team at Oribe wanted a hair care product that outshines and outsmarts anything else on the market. The result is a line of luxurious products that condition, oils that hold, skincare-grade shampoos that prep hair for styling and gently balance the scalp, masques that have the richness and body of a lavish moisturizing cream and sprays that don’t flake.

And that’s just the beginning.                                                                                                       Each product is tested extensively to ensure that it outperforms everything else.
As high tech as these products are they surprisingly don’t contains any nasties like parabens, they are gluten free, cruelty free yet have protectants like a UV protection for the hair.


Matte Waves Texture Lotion – Get salt-spray waves, sans dryness. This medium-hold lotion coaxes matte-texture out of even the finest hair, adding grip to styles and a beachy allure.

Oribe on their products fragrance –

While most companies select a scent from a stock fragrance library, Oribe Hair Care was the first to use a fine fragrance in its hair products. The brand collaborated with a legendary 19th-century perfume house to blend its signature fragrance, Côte d’Azur. Embodying the glamour and warmth of the French Riviera, the bright, seductive, shared scent awakens with hints of sun-drenched Calabrian bergamot, Sicilian orange, Aomori apples and leafy greens. Sandalwood, vetiver and crisp amber lend their soft, woody notes, while tuberose and white butterfly jasmine, from Oribe’s native Cuba, create a sensuous and invigorating experience. The fragrance runs through the line to compose a beautiful experience for the hair — and spirit.’

Isn’t it just perfection?


Maximista Thickening Spray – Bigger is better. This thermal-protective body-builder helps you expand to your absolute fullest with enduring lift and hold.

Power Drops – Damage Repair Booster Supercharge your hair care. This highly concentrated treatment serum provides an intense dose of essential nutrients to rebuild and restore dry, damaged, time-weakened hair. Formulated with linoleic acid, biotin and sea kelp extract, just a few drops of this powerful elixir repairs and fortifies strands.

These are my favourite products and I absolutely adore them, and so happy to have beautifully lovely and healthy hair using a product that has so much technology included within it.
Oribe hair care is perfect for the beauty-product addict and you can shop the latest festive deals here, ideal for the coming Christmas season.

If it’s beauty products you’re after then head here for Oribe’s full range of beauty items which includes make up and skincare.


What is your favourite hair product to use?

Do you have fine or thick hair?

Andalou Naturals – Pumpkin Honey Mask

I’ve been lucky enough to try the new Andalou Naturals Pumpkin Honey Glycolic Mask.
This gorgeous rich mask is perfect to gently resurface your complexion. The mix of organic pumpkin and Manuka honey and fruit acids will give you a gentle, luminous and smooth complexion.





You will feel the tingle of the ingredients as they work on removing those dry, unwanted cells from your face. Not only will you love love love the purpose of this face mask, but it smells so delicious, anyone who loves the pumpkin spice, chai flavours and scents will adore this product lavishing their face.


If you’re not aware of what glycolic acid is, which features in this mask it is basically the Holy Grail for skincare and exfoliation. It effectively removes the out most layer of dead skin cells from the skin leaving a brighter, smoother, fresher complexion. Products containing this acid are often used in healing scarring and the signs of ageing. So it’s perfect for keeping your skin looking new and clear.



You can pick up your own Andalou Mask from Priceline this week and guess what, it’s also gluten and cruelty free!

What do you love best about face masks?

How often do you use a face treatment or mask?


Thank you to Priceline for gifting me this product from Andalou Naturals.

L’Oréal Serioxyl

I’ve received a couple of products from L’Oreal, and as we know they’re always on the forefront of developing new beauty products. I’ve been trying the Serioxyl hair thickener range. If you have ever struggled with making your hair volumised, big, fuller, thicker or just lusciously large these may serve you well.


Serioxyl Denser Hair is an everyday solution for denser looking hair. It includes a pipette to add 8 drops to your scalp, no rinse needed, for three months. Massage this in and leave to dry.

Serioxyl Thicker Hair is a fibre thickening serum. A few pumps, rubbed into the lengths and ends of hair and left to dry (or you can blow dry) will help the hair look thicker.

I’ve been using the Denser Hair, as I feel my hair is starting to get that, ‘Hey babe, you’re gettin’ older’ look and needs that healthy, fuller look.
The Serioxyl range is available at salons or through Adore Beauty.